Favorite Summer Shoes

So I am a woman of habits and routine-at times-, which means every may I rearrange my closest. What does this mean? It means that I put away every clothing items that I believe are too hot or heavy for simmer and switches to lighter in weight outfits. That also pertain to my shoes as well. I usually switch from fully close toes shoes to something that is much open and lighter for my toes. Out of those I usually ends up wearing ones that I really like. These are the ones I ended up falling in love with this summer and ended up overusing. 
  • The first one of my summer favorites were these sort of open toes shoes from Liz Claiborne. I believe I got these from the mall or something. What I like about them? They are cute and comfortable and when I got them they were cheap. I usually wore these during the summer when I was going some place formal -like church- but did not want to look too formal. 

  •  My second favorite shoes I really liked this summer were these pairs of black slippers that I got at Pay-less. I have not clue who the designer was/is but these are pretty looking and not bad on my feet. I wore these mostly through out the summer for whatever. Mostly for everyday life like going to the store or to the mail box. I called them my summer go to shoes. 
  • My third favorite shoes that I really liked during this summer were these pairs of brown sandals I also got….actually I have no clue were I got these from. What I like about them? They are comfortable and can be paired off with almost any outfit. 

These are and were my summer favorites this summer. This for reading, until next time. 

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