Blogs shout out 3

So here is a shout out to some of the blogs that I read or follow. They are in no particular order.

  • I Suwanee at is a mix subject blog that touches on fashion, travels, decoration, shopping and more. What I like about it? It has a bit of everything and she is not afraid to do things. I really like her interiors design posts. So if you like beautiful things and would like to make your home look beautiful then she is the blogger for you.

  • Alexandra at is a awesome blog by an awesome illustrator. She does a lot of stretches and even has books that she is the illustrator for. Some of them are “Jolly Jake in the Jungle” by Eleanor Jane Bird and “No matter how small”by Sharon Gibbs. What I like about her blog? I like the fact that she reach out to her readers by allowing them to sent in their own drawing to her. I think that’s cool. So if you need a illustrator check her out or if you just want someone who has done it to help with your artwork then check her out. 
  • Abigale xo at is a lifestyle blog that cover almost everything. Which is cool. Some people say normal life is boring but if place or view from a different perspective it is very interesting. Which is why I like her blog. She makes normal life interesting. And that is good.She also have great guest authors. So if you would like to capture a glimpse of another life try her out. I really love her rants. They are fun. 

Thanks for reading. Until next time….

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