Advantage of being a blogger

So imagine you are a blogger who have just graduated from university or whatever and is now ready for the real world. You know you need a job but you have no work experience and nothing to back up why they should hire you. Well you are in luck. Your life as a blogger is actually a good thing and have an advantage over the other applicants. How? You can prove and provide evident as to what kind of person you are, especially for the skills and experience section.
As a blogger these are the skills you can list such as market researcher or just researcher, data tracking, planner and implementer of goals, maintainer of database, writer, authorship, advertising and campaigning manager,ects.
So what kind of jobs can you applied for with no prior job experience and only have skills as a  blogger? Well one can apply for marketing coordinator jobs or some of job in marketing. Why? Because as a blogger the are a lot of things that you know how to do that aligns with marketing jobs. Such as social media skills, ability to read data and then apply what you learn from said data to reach a goal, and creativity/innovation. Which is big in the business world. If the is one thing that most employers complaint about, it is employees who lack critical thinking skills and creativity. This is something that as a blogger you can prove. So no need to worry if you are in school and have no job experience but blog on the side. You are fine. I would know because I got a job line up because of this fact. Just saying.

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