The Sounds We Hear

A/N: So in the spirit of Halloween, I wrote a short piece. Hopefully it is good.  

The Sounds We Hear

She awoke to the sounds of someone knocking. It was loud and violent, and it was coming from the direction of her closed closet.




It when, echoing throughout the old house. It sounded as if whoever was on the other side of her closet door wanted in or out very badly. It was frighten. Yet…

Pulling her blanket closer to her chin, the young girl frowned in confusion. No one but her and her grandmother, from her mother side of the family, were currently residing in the old house. And her grandmother was the serious type, not the kind to pulled pranks such as this. Trying to frighten children was too beneath the older woman.

Which meant either there was someone else in her closet or she was imagining things. And since no one else could have entered their home, being so heavily guided by her grandmother new security system, without them knowing the young Virginia wondered if maybe she was imaging things. Which was strange because like her grandmother she too was of the serious kind.  Little adult as her mother liked to referred to her at times. Yet…the sound continued.




It when, causing the young girl to questioned her sanity. Which was even more frightened then the knocking.

“You are being silly,” She chastised herself. “There is nothing there and you are not losing your mind. There is a perfectly logical reason behind the knocking. Most likely a toy malfunctioning.”

Leaning over in the direction of her bedside table, little Virginia searched for the switched to her night light. Maybe if she placed the light on the noise would stopped. Or maybe she could locate whatever was producing the sound and put to rest her restless mind.

Locating the cord, the young girl pulled it. Quickly darkest flown and light took its position, filling the room.
The knocking continued.

“So it is not a person,” She whispered to herself in somewhat of a relief. If it had been a person they would have paused a bit, even if for a second, once the light had gone on. Yet the knocking processed at the same paced.

Giggling a bit at her own silliest at believing she was going crazy, the young girl took in a deep breath -right nothing to fear- and pushed her blanket away. She stood.

Strolling over to the closet, she processed to open it. Grabbing the doorknob, she made to turn the handle when she noted something peculiar. The knocking noise had stopped and an awful smell was drifting from beneath the door. It smelled of blood, vomit and rotten eggs. Removing her hand of the knob, the young girl froze. For a moment she thought about a horror movie she and her best friend had gone to see a couple of days before her visited to her grandmother’s and her heart began to race. She took a step back and the noise returned.

This time it sounded as if whoever was on the other side had switched from using their knuckles for knocking to using their body or at least something heavier.




It when and the young girl fled the room, screaming.

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