Live your dream and do what you gotta do

Live you dream, it’s not as hard as it may seem. 
You have to work hard to get the green.
 Live your life the way you want to.
 It’s your dream; no one can change it except you. 
We live, we die, we breathe, we cry. 
Hearts are always ripped apart, but slow in time they will be mended. 
We live one life with one love, and we cry the same cry, we may look different, but we see the same thing. 
Our tears fall when we lose someone who’s dear to us all, but we would have to let them go when we’re ready to move one. 
Everyone have love for money when they have it, so they spend it, when they need it’s all gone.
 We come, given life from our mothers and we make the best of ourselves, and we leave this world knowing that we had done some good to change our lives. 
There is a candle that burns for every single person on this earth. 
The way the wax on the candle melts is the time of life we have left to live. 
The faster it burns the weaker we become, the brighter the flame that burns the candle, the stronger we are. 
The air we breathe is the only air we have to keep us alive. 
Once a dark cloud surrounds us, we slowly begin to lose air, as we begin to chock to death we see our past playing like a video in front of us. 
Then we see what our regrets trying to take over us. 
Falling to the floor, on the floor we lie, all lifeless knowing that it was our time to leave.

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