We are back another artist who enjoys what he loves to do. He does the best quality he can give in his work, and does not give up until the idea and product is perfected to best of his ability. I would like to introduce to you the man who created ID3A Kenneth Stevenson. Today is not only the the day we learn about Kenneth as it is also the day we get to see his structure and ideas of how he creates his brands to come alive.
Kenneth, I know you’ve had multiple brands of clothing out and products being released left and right. You’re team been working hard at making sure that everything reaches that deadline. This is the first time I had done an article interview and I’m sure it will have the same appreciate from our readers and viewers in having a liking for your brand. So let’s begin with the questions:
1. When I travel I usually take 2 pairs of shoes, my phone, my charger, my mophie and without a doubt a notebook. I have to have a notebook to jot down all of the ideas that are going to come to me.

2. I develop my ideas through real life experiences. I let life lead the way and I believe in the energy I put out to the world to guide me. 
3. How I improve on pieces is through trial and error. Paying attention to the things I did wrong on a previous collection and just getting better for the next piece I get ready to put out.
4. My favorite brand out of all the brands I’ve ever created without a doubt is 3. just because everything else I’ve created was preparing for this moment with right now and all of the things with 3 in the future. 
5. At this moment right I would say Virgil Abloh, the creator of the brand “Off White”. Just seeing where he started with his brand Pyrex Vision and now where he is truly inspiring so shout out to him.
6. One thing I wish I knew is just to better the timing of everything. Knowing how to balance how to put product out and then balancing working on your next project is extremely important so better timing is something I wish I had.
7. As a kid I was always in downtown Chicago with my mom shopping with her so she showed me different brands and then growing up with my friends we formed a bond based on the clothes we wore so those things sort of stuck with me to make interested. Also, I just love fashion what can I say!
8. Life inspires me the most. To know that we can do what we want to do as people is exciting for me. Also, time and life just shows how precious life is so we can’t waste a second while on those earth.
9. What makes 3. stand out is the attention to detail. The small things matter the most in the product. Also, this brand isn’t in competition with anyone else so it makes life easier because the only focus with 3. Is to make the best product possible.
10. Fashion is self expression. You can wear whatever you want to wear and that’s super tight to me. Your clothes can help develop friendships and also create conversations and that’s dope because it brings people together.
11. If I can do a brand for an artist or musician it would be Pusha T. Even though he has his own brand I would do something with him because I feel like his raps are super next level and I really respect his art and I think we can make something dope together. It would probably be called “Fear of Art” or something like that.
12. I think it’s extremely important for me to connect with people as an artist. I feel like it’s an artists’ duty to reflect the times people live in at that moment so it’s important for me to not only to make pieces that impact me but that will impact others as well.
13. Unfortunately I cannot give out any hints right now but I might be dropping something soon so just watch out for that trust me! Something will also be coming out in the winter of 2016 that’s gonna be special as well! Once again Kim thank you to you and your blog for having me I really appreciate it! Keep creating, we can do whatever we want in this world.