6 Things To Consider When Preparing For a Job Interview

Q: I have a job interview coming up soon and I was wondering do you have any tips on how to prepare? Because I am very nervous.

A: Well, I do and my first tip would be to calm down. If you are nervous it will show and will cause you to mess up. After all you want to portray an image of confidence to your future employer. By portraying this image you are telling them and letting them know to trust you.So my first advice would be to try not to show you are nervous or even tell them. This is one of the mistakes new job seekers do. Remember they want you more then you want them. I know you are thinking but…. No but nothing! They need you or rather someone like you. So sell yourself high not low. That is my first advice.

Second one would be no matter what they say the dress code is overdress for the part. That means business professional. It is better to be over dress then under dress. So dress to impress you never know who is watching. That means a clean top and bottom that is well pressed as well. Nothing says unprofessional more so then a wrinkle outfit. Also make sure the are no holes or tears in your outfit.

Third, go back over your resume and make sure that everything is truthful and correct. You could lose your job if your employer finds out you lied on your resume. Make sure also that it is one page. No one nowadays want to read a resume that is more then one page. That is why your cover letter exists for. Which remind me do the same for your cover letter if you have one.

   Fourth, do a bit of research on the position you are applying for and the company you are applying to. You want to do this because in every interview I have been to -and others have been to and told me about- the interviewer always asks the question “Do you have any questions?” Well by doing some research before hand you will have something to talk about. This will be your chance to impress by bringing up things you run across well researching. It will give your future employer the impression that you are a go getter and an independent thinker. Something that most companies complients about when it comes to new employees. 

Fifth, write out a “thank you” card before hand to send to the interviewer after the interview. No matter what you always want to send a thank you note whether you get the job or not. Many have almost lost a position they applied for but because they send that thank you note and the others didn’t they stood out to the interviewer.So always write and send one.

Sixth, last but not least go to bed early the night before and eat a good breakfast the morning of the interview. You do not want any distracts this day. You want to bring your A game and falling asleep or letting your mind wander because of your hunger is a sure fire way to mess up your own chance. Anyways that’s my advice. So deep breathes you can do this breath.

Mike Jaja A Man of Inspiration and Owner of Galleries by Jaja

Owner of Galleries by Jaja, and man of inspiration

There are men everywhere, but there is one I know who’s proven to be an inspiration. A man of his word, and a man well known for his perseverance. He does his best to keep up with his projects, he’s an inspiration to many people, and does all he can to better himself. But this man I know, not long enough to say I know him well, but enough to know that he can inspire you and give you that extra push for you to take as many shots to keep going on putting your dream out there.

His name is Mike Jaja, the owner of Galleries by Jaja. He’s a photographer, who also makes videos that everyone can relate to in life.  Although he will thank many people for his success he will always thank the one person that gave him that hope and belief they can, will, and still doing it.

Mike is the man that can put your memories in pictures and make those pictures come to life itself. He can put the color to your videos as they shine brighter than the city lights. Mike is the guy you should contact if you need to contact when you need pictures or video in Houston. Give him an idea for what you want he’ll make a master piece out of it to be a dream come true. Here’s the picture of the amazing man himself as well as a link provided to show a sample of his videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDY-OrxGbqnDxjjUXMsr8Q

When he’s not behind the lens he’s the man making a difference in the modeling world. This man has inspired me with his work and I’m sure he will inspire and prove to you he is the best at what he does. To contact Mike Jaja and view some of his work go to http://global.galleriesbyjaja.com/

 An Interview with Mike Jaja and Owner of Galleries by Jaja: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPQ-_JGn6AI 

How to make the perfect -ish kool aid

Q: So how can I make the perfect kool aid?
A: First of all the is no such thing as the perfect kool aid. However, if you want to make a pretty good kool aid -not perfect- then this is what you need to do…
  1. Gather all your ingredients such as….sugar, water and kool aid flavor
  2. Next gather your supplies such as….spoon, bowl and cups
  3. Now grab your large bowl and place in about half a cup of sugar
  4. Next add water
  5. Stir
  6. Now add in 3 to 4 packs of kool aid
  7. Stir
  8. Now taste. Does it taste good? Well then that’s it you are done. Not perfect but good.

Love quote

Love is patient and kind,
It is not jealous or conceited or proud,
Love is not ill mannered or selfish or irritable,
Love does not keep a record of wrongs,
Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.
Love never gives up and its faith, hope, and patience never fails.
Love is eternal.
There are inspired messages, but they are temporary,
There are gifts of speaking in strange tongues,
But they will cease, there is knowledge, but it will pass.
For our gifts of knowledge and inspired messages are only partial,
But when what is perfect comes, then what is partial will disappear.

Are You Happy With Your Situation?

Over the bridge and under the sky, over the hill and under the rainbow. Off the cliff into the deep blue sea I dive in, swimming through the current and deep into the trenches I’m pulled down. In the deep blue sky, over the country sides. let the rain fall the water drops hit the ground, let the bullets burn smoke guns at its fired. I’ve been hit against metal, thrown against cement, dropped to asphalt, and treated like a piece of junk.

Let the rain fall to hide my tears as I cry, let the rain fall to hide my face so that no one knows I’ve lost my passion for greatness. Let the rain fall so my expression will fade with every drop of the rain as it falls. Let the floods come into place as i walk to the streets and neighborhood and think about how many time a rebound through my heart? How many tears do I have to waste on what was lost than what is gained? I’ve lost my mind with too much thoughts of everything dropping me to rock bottom.

So what if people talk bad about you? Its best to know that you know yourself better than anyone else. If you don’t know yourself, then what the hell have you been doing for the last how many years that you’ve been alive. Until you find yourself than you won’t be able to move on to anything else in your life. First you have to focus on your own life before you focus on anyone else.

Life has its pain, its strength, its wins, and its losses. Everyone wants money but no one wants to work for it. If you know you can be what you want to be then you have to work to get to where you want to be. You can have all the richest and still not be happy, and you can be in the middle class and have everything that you want without trying to hurt yourself as long as you can keep yourself from going into the worst situations.

Can I Give A Baby Juice?

Q: Hi my name is Jessica M. and I was wondering something important. You see I have a baby niece and my sister and her husband are giving her store bought juice. You know the kind most people who are between the ages of 2 to 99+ drinks. Anyways I was wondering when should a person give a baby juice and if they should at all? I mean toddles about the age of 2 I can understand, but babies? I just….

A: Hello Jessica M. hope everything is going well. Anyways onto your question. Can you give babies juice? Well the answer to that really depends on two things. The first thing it depends on is how many months the baby is and how you serve the juice. You see if the baby is about 5 months and up it is alright to give the baby juice however, you all so need to be mindful of how much juice you actually give the baby. What do I mean by this? I mean if you are going to give a baby juice you need to make sure that the juice you serve the baby is at most 95 percent water and 5 percent juice. You want the juice the baby is drinking to be diluted compare to the average vision. Anyways that is my take on the matter. So next time your sister and her husband decide to give your baby niece some juice remember to remind them to not just give the juice as it is but to dilute it with lots of water as well. Anyways thanks for posing the question hope my answer helps.