Job Shortage And Millennials

Q: Dear Salome, my name is Amy and I have an question about something I have notice recently. The thing that I have noticed is a rather event.  What is this thing? Well, the thing that have perk my attention the fact that not a lot of millennials, especially American, seems to have a job. And I am not just speaking of Blacks or Whites or Hispanics or Asians. I am speaking of the majority of young Americans, regardless of their race, in their early and late twenties and sometimes into their thirties not having a job. And it is not because they are not qualify. As a millennial myself I can not help but wonder. So my question is why? Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

A: Well, first of all, Amy, I actually do have a few thoughts and even a theory as to why. First of all it is no joking matter that fewer and fewer newly graduates from colleges and high schools are finding it harder and harder to find any suitable job that does not just paid minimum wage. To be more exact they are finding it harder and harder to find a good paying job. And sometimes just a job. The question is why? Well, from a few things i have noticed over the past couple of years, since graduating high school, is that…

  • First the are actually fewer jobs and more people wanting those very limited jobs. Not only are the youth of American competing for that one job but many others who are not american citizens but qualified as well are competing for that same position. It is what is known in economics as scarcity. What millennials are facing currently is what i like to call job scarcity. With most companies going overseas it is a very tough situation to be in at the moment. 
  • The second problem is that the education of most Americans are not as par as it once used to be. What I mean by that is that a lot of young Americans are being taught things in school. But the things they are being taught and the way they are being taught is actually not that helpful in the long run. By that I mean young Americans are not taught how to apply what they learned in the classroom to reality. In other words they are not being taught common sense or sound judgement which is something a generation or two did not need to be taught to them in the classroom because they were taught it by their parents and life and only when to school to help them gain more information that they lacked. 
  • The third thing I have noticed is that a lot of young Americans are actually risk avoidance. In other words they are afraid of taking risks and dreaming big as their parents and grandparents once did. Which is actually funny because we lives in such a fast paced environment which calls for more risks to be taken. In a way when it comes to the economy most young Americans are actually very conservative in comparison to other areas in their life.  Which means less companies and jobs are being created.

Now are the or can the be a solution to these problems I and you have noticed? Well yes…

  • First of all to be able to solute the problem of job scarcity young Americans are going to have to learned to take more risks. Because if they do not take more risks when it comes to the economy how are jobs going to be created? Because to solve a problem such as this scarcity  more jobs needs to not only be created but stay upon the untied states soil as well.  A very high risk.
  • Which brings us to our second point the issue of education. With vast knowledge at their  finger tips millennials are more informed then any other generation yet they can not seems to construe that information into something useful. So for this problem to be solve young Americans are going to have to learn to use their own judgement and come to their own conclusions instanced of being hand feed the answers. In other words they are going to have to start thinking on their own and asking questions instanced of waiting to be assigned something like in the classroom. 

These are my thoughts on the matter anyways. Someday in the future I made go into more details. Do anyone has any thoughts on the matter? Anyone agrees or disagrees? If so leave a comment in the section below. Thank you.