Insanity, Escape, Loss

Do you ever feel like you are alone in the world and there is no one else to look to? Do you ever feel like you need a break from reality itself or a vacation from reality to refresh and come back? It’s not everyday we burn ourselves out from looking for opportunities to make money to keeping the happiness atmosphere in a home. But is it only ourselves that we seem to be looking at the most when other feel more of the burden? We play the victim role constantly thinking insanity will change the outcome everyday yet we escape from moments of reality when some are important and when some are not. We don’t expect a loss from the things we do, but we don’t even realize the loss that we have either until we come back to reality, which would be when we really lose something, or someone.

We play insanity, like a games that has many lives and do overs. Then when there’s a problem that comes up to be our fault or mistake, we choose to escape as a solution for the problem to be fixed by someone else or something else. We experience our losses when it hits reality thinking that it still never happened and never will happen. After all is still lost we still continue living in the same continuous routine of going through insanity, escape and loss. We don’t ever think about our actions, and we still see that we aren’t doing anything wrong. We believe that nothing is our fault and continue to blame everything on everyone else instead.

Insanity, we still continue it, with our attitudes, our actions, are responses, are questions still hitting the same wall with a blunt tool but never changing it to a different strategy. Escape, we still escape from our problems, we still believe and think that we’ve don’t nothing wrong to apologize for insulting others around us. We escaped from seeing the natural as wrong, the pigment in our skin as the less superior, the age grouped by years as lazy, the simple display of discipline as a sign of abuse, but we still to this day continue to disregard any strive, fight, blood, sweat, tears, and any type of difficulties that the past generations has paved for us to be in the good graces of their hard work. We have lost the will to grip our pride and humility but the brain and heart only to continue to judge what we see and not accept the stories that were never taught to be learned.

We continue to lose faith in ourselves as the human race in showing the previous and next generations the bars that should be set to become better than the previous generations. We continue to lose the knowledge in what we should be doing, and do what can cause an ocean of blood stained in water on the hands of the non-innocent while the innocent rot in places of isolation. We loss the credibility of letting those who greatly took away the love of being alive and living a dream to what we stitch together as a future, to letting them run loose in the streets, only to repeat playing another game of life and death of insanity, escape, and loss.

Where do we go from here? Where is the love that we were all once united to be called a human race? Where did it go from school kids causing fights for years to not teaching them to turn to a different path with a different approach to just throwing assumptions in the air. We’ve degraded our motivations to being the people of the world who can and will change the world, to the people of the world who would be punished if it took one look at someone’s significant other. We’ve gone from envying in compliments to jealously in stealing and claiming what is not ours to claim. We’ve gone from prideful to being too slothful, from generous to becoming too greedy, despite seeing kids as young as elementary school students attempting to pull together a voice that can only be heard around the world by adults, but yet we still play insanity to not hear their cries, not see their cravings as child for attention, not see the bright lights that says, “they’re a work of art.”

That master piece that took people seven hundred years can now only take less than a day to be famous, that song that took song writers weeks, months and days, to pull through takes an artist a day to spread on the microphone and radio stations a day to introduce and spread for a fan base of teenagers to splurge over in excitement to obsession. When that excitement turns into obsession and someone dies from that obsession, we recall it as an action that is huge cause of bullying but instead it’s an obsession that was based off a celebrity looked as a God, rather than a regular person.

So where has the world gone, from scam artists escaping the routes of guilt and covering up with promises to people, to the people who work hard as the previous generations had done to forcing them to over-work only to find out that they’ll be out the door with not a single job left to keep food on the table. Or from having people make their money but still the effort is not appreciated nor is the money earned anywhere close to┬ámake a decent living for people. We’ve kept the running actions of boys will be boys to women being irresponsible for actions that were committed without consent, but at the same time if women have done the same action to men without their consent they’ve been shown to the world in a blacklist.

When men do the negative deed they are seen as it isn’t really important so it would be an easy okay to let it go, but then we bring in color into the fact, where one of pale complexions of a wall or paper would be let off easy but one of the complexion of a blackboard of sand complexions are brought down to be seen nothing but mere animals. Where does the effort of change come from burning a symbol or a country to sitting out a song that represented the people who gives us the benefits to live the future as we walk the streets and place our lives in the hands of those who keep us safe.

Where is the escape from the losses of children and pets in heated cars, and kidnappings from strangers to their precious bodies found in rivers, ditches, and homes or basements of those who we never expect could possibly be dangerous. Insanity, escape, and loss, we repeat it every day, we repeat it every moment, we repeat it every second and the outcome is still the same.