Mike Jaja A Man of Inspiration and Owner of Galleries by Jaja


Owner of Galleries by Jaja, and man of inspiration

There are men everywhere, but there is one I know who’s proven to be an inspiration. A man of his word, and a man well known for his perseverance. He does his best to keep up with his projects, he’s an inspiration to many people, and does all he can to better himself. But this man I know, not long enough to say I know him well, but enough to know that he can inspire you and give you that extra push for you to take as many shots to keep going on putting your dream out there.

His name is Mike Jaja, the owner of Galleries by Jaja. He’s a photographer, who also makes videos that everyone can relate to in life.  Although he will thank many people for his success he will always thank the one person that gave…

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Insanity, Escape, Loss


Do you ever feel like you are alone in the world and there is no one else to look to? Do you ever feel like you need a break from reality itself or a vacation from reality to refresh and come back? It’s not everyday we burn ourselves out from looking for opportunities to make money to keeping the happiness atmosphere in a home. But is it only ourselves that we seem to be looking at the most when other feel more of the burden? We play the victim role constantly thinking insanity will change the outcome everyday yet we escape from moments of reality when some are important and when some are not. We don’t expect a loss from the things we do, but we don’t even realize the loss that we have either until we come back to reality, which would be when we really lose something, or…

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