New Years Resolution



My new year’s resolutions for the up coming year of 2017 are not that much since I plan on accomplishing them. These are the list of resolutions I plan on achieving in the year 2017.

  1. Get a full time job in my major, business management, field. Now that I am done with college, after spending what felt like forever and changing my major not once but three times, I am finally ready and more available now to tackle a full time position instead of going the part of times like I have gone so far.
  2. Write a novel under my own name and publish it. I have always wanted to publish a novel in my own name but I have been too shy and afraid, this year I am going to put aside my fears and write a novel in my own name. If it suck or not, it won’t matter, I am going to do it anyways. I have to get over my fears of not producing the best work ever, and by best I mean a perfect novel, and just do it. Who knows maybe it won’t be so bad and people won’t hate it as much as I feared they might. Does that sounds silly? My fears? Most likely but it is my fear and I planned on overcoming it this coming year of 2017.
  3. Finished a story. Yeah because of my fears of my writing not being good enough, even if looking back on it months later after I have already lost the plot I realized the story itself wasn’t half bad, I have actually never finished any of my stories before. So this up coming year of 2017, I Salome Peah  plans on not only publishing a novel underneath my own name but also completing the stories I write, even if they do suck like the way I feared.
  4. Lose weight. Okay, I am not sure about this one because I do not even know if I have the time to go out of my way and exercise or diet or whatever in order to lose weight , but I do want to add it to this list because (a) this list seems short and (b) I usually add losing weight to my new years resolutions. Hopefully, I actually do lose some weight in the  year 2017 even if I never actually work on losing the pounds.
  5. Read more books. So, disappointedly this year, 2016, I actually never read as much as I usually do. To be honest, I do not remembered if I read anything, fiction wise, this year. If I did?  Well it is all blank in my mind so I either never read anything in the fiction section or it wasn’t  memorable enough for my to recalled it of the top of my head. How disappointing is that? I love reading and I love fiction, to not have read anything means that this year was a weird year. So, here is to hoping that next year, 2017 is better. I want to read something, remember it and love it, dang it!
  6. Learned to drive in the night-time. Yeah,I totally have fears of driving at night. Like it just seems like such an accident waiting to happened time and so i just really fear driving at night. I mean I wear glasses and sometimes can barely drive in the day, so I for one fears it might be worst at night driving. But for this up coming year, like my fears of writing a novel and publishing it and actually finishing a story I write, I am going to faced this fear of my and drive more often at night even if the is no reason whatsoever for me to be driving at night.
  7. Go out and hang with friends more often. In 2016 though I when out and was able to do a few things with my friends and classmates, I for one do not believed it was enough time spent enjoying the company of those I have labeled my friends. So, yeah…
  8. speaking of hanging out with friends more often, I also when to reconnect with my childhood buddies this up coming years. It is nice learning about what they are doing and how they are doing via facebook and all, but I would much rather liked to be the experiencing those moments with them instead of just reading about it on my facebook page.
  9. Do facebook. Yep, I barely when on facebook this year and so for 2017 I want to go on facebook more often.

So, yeah these are my list of resolutions I would liked to accomplished this coming new year of 2017. What is your new year’s resolutions for the year 2017? Leave a comment below and let us know. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Until next time my prettiest. Cheers!

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