Can you hear me or am I a faded voice in the wind? Can you see me or am I invisible to you and not just the whole world? Can’t you feel my presence around you or am I a hologram that you walk through everyday? Am I the wind that blows in all directs that you avoid? Are my foot steps covered by the ocean and dust that you can’t see me at all? My heart bleeds the word “love”, as I fight my battle for it. As I move one step closer you move three steps back and turn away from me. As weak as i look is just as heavily broken and drowning I am. The thoughts of my pain killing me softly, taking every part of me away.

My body turns weak and still yet I’m completely invisible to you and I’m going crazy from it. As hard as i try not to make this fight my last, to keep myself from going six feet under, I… As much as I move away and try to get my second chance to start fresh, I can’t. Because everything I do still comes down to the same old situation driving me up the wall to hysteria. So I strike willing to take the battle with my last shot, I’m down to my last breath ready to win or be broken by the mold that held me up for so long.

I say my goodbyes to all those who mean so much to me. Yet who I meant so little to. This was it and I lost. Dropped six feet under, lifeless, emotionless, invisible. Forgotten. 

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