Life Tears You Up

Death, a feeling of losing someone you love, someone who’s close, someone who can mean so much more than a friend to you. Death, pain that can feel like a knife cutting through your heart. A pain that never really leaves your heart nor leaves your side, it keeps itself buried underneath itself as it rolls over time with small sections to heal. A pain where memories run through your mind and tears stream down your face when a person has moved on from Earth to Heaven, or on to the next life. A pain that kills your motivation to even bother wanting to be around people, when you’d rather sit in a place to wait for them to walk through the door, just to see them one more time. Just to have another memory made to keep you living the next day.

Death it’s the last thing that you’d ever expect, some people may give the warning signs, but decide to stay happy to keep everyone being positive, but isn’t that the idea ┬áto remember the positive things about them rather than what could have been done or should have been done? We all encounter death differently and take a different toll to it. Life is as precious as it comes and goes, no one can explain that anymore than it’s shown. Now a days everyone takes life like its a coin something you spend and take for granted.