Confess or Live With Pain


If the world was a perfect place we wouldn’t be having the mistakes and mishaps we have, if life was easy we wouldn’t be having the broken pieces and difficulties lapsing together one after another. Life isn’t perfect, it would seem like it form how hard you’ve worked. We always have a thought that we could keep going as far as we go thinking it’s never going to end. Lives a bowl of cheerios, who cares not really anyone, we all have different views, but never agree on anything. It’s always and agree to disagree situations. If you know me well enough you know that I could see right through you and nothing would stop me when I tell to you the truth that you can’t even handle it; I can’t help you from that point on. It sounds like a personal problem if you can’t handle things yourself but expect everyone else to do it for you.

If you have to wait for someone to complain to you about how mess something is then you know you’ve already lost your credibility as to being trusted. No one will have the patience to sit around and wait for you to understand what is professional and unprofessional. No one will waste their time and energy on a person who’s not only lost a credible reputation but also trust itself, because for something to be kept stable and continuing you have to be able to not rough up any edges.

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