Because when you were little

So, everyone have heard the saying forgive others when they wrong you. Yet, most would be like…Why should I forgive that person who wronged me?! They are the wrong ones! Well, that may be true but you know when you where little and you made a mistake did not your parents forgive you? How many times did you make a mistake trying to walk but instead end up running and your parents forgive? Many times and for many reasons thus if you could make all that mistake and stay be forgiven by your parents why can’t you forgive others as well? They are just like you in this world here, unsure and with out the full picture so if they wrong you forgive them. And if you wrong someone ask for their forgiveness then pondered how you ended up wronging that person in the first place and how not to repeat it again. Because forgiveness is a form of mercy not an excuse to continued making the same mistakes again and again without a care.

Keep Going


Businessman overworked at office

So I have not been on here because I was learning things. Things that I needed to learn. And you know what I learned? I learn that you don’t have to do everything yourself. That you should listen to your body when it can no longer go on anymore and you should ask for help. Those around you are willing to help so if you need help simply ask. Ask for a little break, a little resting period then once you got that bit of rest get up again and continued. Before you know it the task that had appeared impossible before is now done. But listen to your body. You only have one. And to your family there is only one of you and you are irreplaceable. So take care of your self.