Letter to myself


Hello dear self so I have return to see what plans for this blog we will decided upon and so to see where we when wrong last week. So where did we go wrong myself? Be honest and truthful.

Well we when wrong in the form of not having our posts preplanned at least three days in advance. If we had already prepared the posts then on days we where too tired we could simply have just posted the preplanned post on our social media and then relaxed. This is something we did wrong and should work on if we plan to post up each day and not just once a week or three or five only.

I see and I understand. By pre-planning we avoid being caught with nothing and becoming stress out. What else did we go wrong in myself?

We when wrong in the image preparing section of our blog as well. Even though we had the writing portion down and done we did not have the image done and that was a problem. So when preparing the writing portion also have the image portion done as well. You never know when you will have the time to write a post and prepare an image as well.

Okay I understand. So this week we need to prepare our blog posts with the images that goes with it at least three or more days ahead of time. More than likely we are going to have to this at night or in the evenings.

I agree.

What else do we need to work on for this blog to make it better and that we did wrong thisĀ  gone week?

The groups we are a part of on Facebook, twitter and google plus. We have either the wrong group we are a part of or we are not a part of the group that matches us. In other words we are not reaching the audience we are supposed to reach via the groups we are apart of. So make sure that the places we are posting to are places we are a member of and are able to comment in and what not. So cut down on the amount of groups you are a part of and focus on the ones that are pertaining to your blog. That is all.

I see. I see. Well thank you for having this conversation with me myself. It was helpful and now I have a clearer mind and path on how to solve our problem we are facing. See you again myself for our next talk. Later.


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