Two students are walking and conversing.
Student 1:”Omg!”
Student 2:”What?”
Student 1:”My test grade from last week is a 99 now instanced of a 89.”
Student 2:”Omg! Good job.”
Student 1:” I am like so happy. That test was so hard. Praise God almighty-“
Student 2:”Yeah praise him. He is-“
Student 1:”That other people failed.”
Student 2:”Wait what?!”

Jokes 2

Person 1: You are doing it wrong. That is not how you go about trying to conquer the world. Your approach is flaw.
Person 2: Oh really now?
Person 1: Yes
Person 2: Fine! Since you are so smart why don’t you conquer the world then?
Person 1: I would….
Person 2: You would…?
Person 1: Yes…..but I can not stick to one plan for more then 36 hours.

The are two women walking and talking. One of the women said “That’s not bad. I might be able to have my own kids then instanced of…..” The other woman nodded. A gentlemen passing by turns to the woman who said the sentence and asked. “Are you borrowing other people kids now?”