Two students are walking and conversing.
Student 1:”Omg!”
Student 2:”What?”
Student 1:”My test grade from last week is a 99 now instanced of a 89.”
Student 2:”Omg! Good job.”
Student 1:” I am like so happy. That test was so hard. Praise God almighty-“
Student 2:”Yeah praise him. He is-“
Student 1:”That other people failed.”
Student 2:”Wait what?!”

Jokes 2

Person 1: You are doing it wrong. That is not how you go about trying to conquer the world. Your approach is flaw.
Person 2: Oh really now?
Person 1: Yes
Person 2: Fine! Since you are so smart why don’t you conquer the world then?
Person 1: I would….
Person 2: You would…?
Person 1: Yes…..but I can not stick to one plan for more then 36 hours.

The are two women walking and talking. One of the women said “That’s not bad. I might be able to have my own kids then instanced of…..” The other woman nodded. A gentlemen passing by turns to the woman who said the sentence and asked. “Are you borrowing other people kids now?”

Jokes 1

These are some conversations jokes I have read or heard before some from online and in person.

  • Joke 1

Person 1: “Why was six afraid of seven?”
Person 2: “Why?”
Person 1: “Because seven was a registered six offender”
Person 2: “Bwahhaha! What?”

  • Joke 2

 “So two sheep walk into a bar. The bartender asked them their order. “What are you having?” He says and the first sheep says “Maaaaa!” The second sheep turns and says to the first sheep. “We are in America! We say Baaaa! Not Maaa! What are you a Canadian?”

  • Joke 3

So two fish were placed in a fish tank and one of the fish starts to scream and splash. “Help! Help!” So the second fish turns to the first fish and asked. “What? What is the problem?” The second paused and answered. “Am drowning!” The second fish stared, opened his mouth and said. “You are a fish. You can swim.” And the first fish said. “I know but I was hoping the humans didn’t know that.”