How America can solve its debt problem


Dear future children of mine today I have a lesson for you. And that lesson is to never own a debt to anyone that you are incapable of paying of. However, if you do find yourself in a large debt here is what you can do. Listen well for eventually a loaner always come back to collect. So let me tell you of a tale of a country called America where I live in and which is capable of releasing themselves of debt before it is too late and the other countries they own a debt to come to collect.

Once upon a time the was a country called America who were rich in natural resources and other wealth. This country became great and big and tall. However because this country became great and big and tall it needed a lot of things or rather it thought it needed a lot of things. So it borrowed money from others and placed itself in debt and boy was its debt great. Now this country had three choices. One asked for a debt forgiveness from its debtors and forgive the debts of the other countries whose debts it own. Two try to figure out a way to lower its own bit by bit. Or three do the first two for a short period of time. Now the best choice is the last choice the third choice for it is the best choice. So how could America be able to lower it debt by this third choice?

By stating that it is in debt and that the debt is large and asking it debtors for a grace period to lower said debt to a reasonable size. Once that is done the next step is to figure out a way to lower its own debt bit by bit by doing it state by state with a program were the citizens and businesses give up a small percent of their income willingly to go towards the reduction of the debt in their states for a time being. In other words cut down on the luxuries, cut down on the big this and big that and focus on only living with in their means and cutting down on making large profits for businesses. At first this might seem impossible after all the debt ceiling is so high and so large how can it be escaped? Well this is that possibility. The means for which to survive the upcoming economic burst. It the best way to make it through the storm for this country and other countries like it who have gotten themselves in great debt.

This my future children is how to get out of debt by cutting down on things that are not needed, putting away the pleasures, the greed and focusing on the task at hand. Realizing that the latest this or that is not going to help you through a debt it is better to bear your shame as a poor person and escape becoming enslaved then to be prideful and put yourself in a hole you later find you can not escape out of. A hole that leads to war and destruction. That is the lesson for today.

Call First


Dear future children of mine this is an advice from me to you. And that advice is that you should call first before you visit anyone home, even your own family members. Why? You wonder should I call first before going over to another person’s place? Well the reasons are very simple really. And these are the reasons why you should call first before going over to another person’s home.

  1. They might not be home at all. If you do not call first before heading on over you would have wasted your time and gas because the person you were planning to meet was not there. How foolish would you feel then having gone all that miles for nothing? So call first.
  2. They might be sleeping. If you head on over and never told the other person ahead of time when you awake them by knocking or ringing the door bell what kind of a mood do you believe that person would be in? Think about it what kind of a mood would you be in if someone came a knocking and you were sleeping, dreaming? You would be mad would you not? You would be very irritated and no longer wish to see that person.  Do you understand? So call first before heading on over to anyone home.
  3. They might have other guests over. If you head on over to a person home without first calling only to arrive and find out that that person already was entertaining someone else and thus have no time for you how would you feel? You would feel unloved and invisible because the person you came to see is not paying attention to you at all. So again call ahead of time!

These are some of the reasons why you should call ahead of time when visiting another person’s home. It makes life easier for both you and them.