Review Chamomile

Chamomile an aromatic European plant of the daisy family, with white and yellow daisy-like flowers. It can help benefits anybody’s daily life with sleep, allergies such as hay fever, skin disorders, ulcers and many more. I used to drink Chamomile tea to help with PMS symptoms and it help a lot, now as for sleep, I usually stayed awake so to me that wasn’t really successful in my opinion. Sometimes trying different flavors of tea products help, and sometimes it won’t work but it’s based on you as a person. Some people have experienced negative effects such as vomiting, upset stomachs, heartburn, and other effects from having chamomile mixed with other supplemental products.

Most people recommend drinking tea because when you’re drinking liquids they are consumed much faster rather than only digesting them orally. Example drinking water can hydrate the body faster than only eating foods because water helps your entire system build its immunity to disease. Yes, eating healthy foods is a plus, having a well-balanced food and liquid intake is always best.

I recommend drinking Chamomile Tea’s from branded images below

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Sometimes having caffeine free drinks are also a benefit with the product itself so that you don’t feel as if you have those sluggish or lethargic moments. Usually caffeine free products when it come to drinking them at night helps make you fall asleep faster compared to those that do have caffeine in them. Most people recommend having 4 cups throughout the day and after meals, but that amount could vary based on the person.

Because when you were little

So, everyone have heard the saying forgive others when they wrong you. Yet, most would be like…Why should I forgive that person who wronged me?! They are the wrong ones! Well, that may be true but you know when you where little and you made a mistake did not your parents forgive you? How many times did you make a mistake trying to walk but instead end up running and your parents forgive? Many times and for many reasons thus if you could make all that mistake and stay be forgiven by your parents why can’t you forgive others as well? They are just like you in this world here, unsure and with out the full picture so if they wrong you forgive them. And if you wrong someone ask for their forgiveness then pondered how you ended up wronging that person in the first place and how not to repeat it again. Because forgiveness is a form of mercy not an excuse to continued making the same mistakes again and again without a care.

Take Yourself Back


How do you do it? How do you stay calm when so many people have done you wrong? Think about it, you yourself aren’t a saint either. How you do the dirt you do, and ask how do you do it when someone else has done the same? A reaction is to an action right? So how do you stay so calm, when people yell at you? You don’t say anything at all until they’re done. How do you not retaliate back when the first thing you want to do to is just that. You don’t, let them have it they way, we always say karma is a bitch, so let them have their way and karma will come back to them. When you’re the person who reacts differently than what the other person expects, they don’t know what their next move is because they’re stuck. It’s like getting a checkmate in chess your opponent is stuck and has no more strategies left to work from to turn the tables.

Life is like a bowl of Cheerios, who the hell cares? Only you do, you, will care about yourself before someone else begins to care about you. You will love yourself before someone else loves you. If your confidence and character intimidates people, it’s because they don’t know what good is hidden under being unbroken. Some reality TV shows will tell you that if you’re in a situation and you feel like someone’s doing you wrong or you’re doing them wrong, don’t make an argument out of it because then that’s what causes them to deny it, let them do it peacefully. Then it will show in the light just like karma always does. If one day their deed comes to light and you see it, don’t show them you’re upset about it, because you know you’re already the fool, but don’t show the world you’re that fool. Show the world that you’re that confidence, unintimidated smile, that personality that changes the way people think about you and don’t forget to wear your heart on your sleeve.

But the most important think is take yourself back. Remember that confidence, that unintimidated smiles, that personality that changes the way people think about you and that heart on your sleeve that you need to wear. That’s you, that was you before they walked in and that will be you again when they walk out on you. That will be you when they ghost on you and that will continue to be you when they see you again. Whether you like it or not they will come back, doesn’t matter if it’s just to be there, if it’s to want you back, but they will come back, and you’re going to tell them no. No you won’t go back to relive that same situation, no, you won’t let you’re guard down for someone who’s from your past unless they are willing to make amends with you to ask for forgiveness.

How do you do it? How do you stay calm when so many people have done you wrong? Kill them with kindness, be the bigger person, and tell yourself it’s okay, I will get mind and karma will give them there’s. Remember karma is always there, and if they see you doing better than them, then you keep going no matter what because your progress will truly display to them if they really need you or not. Words are just words, actions are only actions, so if their reaction to your action is surprised and different from what they would really expect you to do. Then congratulations you’ve accomplish smoothing over your pain and turning it to a progress of positive vibes.

Once you let them know that you let their negative spirit under your skin then you’ve shown they and everyone else that you’re the other person, you’re the fool and you made yourself look more like a fool. So don’t do any of that be positive that’s all you can be, and truly be the most confident person you can be. Be a damn warrior and take yourself back forget everything else with the upset moods and all do that for a day and start working on you. Take whoever you are back, you never know they may come for you again and when you say no to them because they’ve proven to do the same thing again let them go and don’t take them back because you will not allow yourself to go through another path of unhappiness, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Take you back.

High Spirits and Low Pains


Drown yourself, that’s what they say, you have nothing to live for. Drown yourself, that’s what they say, you have nothing left to keep up with. Drown yourself, that’s what they say, no one wants anything to do with you. Drown yourself, that’s what they say, there’s nothing that will change people’s minds to see you as a good person. Drown yourself, that’s what they say, happiness isn’t what you need since you’re a lost cause. Drown yourself, that’s what they say, you have nothing and you are nothing. Drown yourself that’s what they say because there is noting in your life to be worth living for. Drown yourself, that’s what they say, you mean nothing to them. Drown yourself, that’s what they say, nothing will ever go right for you. Drown yourself, your not a thrill for people as a person anymore. Drown yourself, that’s what they said, you’re both meaningless and hopeless. Drown yourself, that’s what those voices say, but yet I’m still here looking at myself wondering why am I bothered with at all?

Fall apart, that’s what they want, they don’t know your strength or weakness. they don’t know that you do belong some where, they don’t see the love that’s wrapped around you, the love that’s brought you so far from the dark areas of your life. Fall apart, that’s what they want to see, down goes all of your happiness, down goes all of your smiles, down goes all of the hard work that you’ve done to accomplish in everything you’ve fought for. Fall apart, that’s what they want, up goes all the pain that you’ve gained. Built up stronger all the pain and anger that you have growing on you. Build it high, all the pain inside, that fiery hate you have starting to light red. Burn all the good things that you’ve ever known, burn all the memories that’s brought you to a good place. Burn it all, that’s what they want, that’s what all the voices say.

They don’t know you, they think they do. They don’t want to see you successful, they don’t want to see you be happy, they don’t want  to see you be a better person. They want you to fall, fall apart and drown yourself, they want to you break down to pieces and not be able to come back strong.

Job Shortage And Millennials

Q: Dear Salome, my name is Amy and I have an question about something I have notice recently. The thing that I have noticed is a rather event.  What is this thing? Well, the thing that have perk my attention the fact that not a lot of millennials, especially American, seems to have a job. And I am not just speaking of Blacks or Whites or Hispanics or Asians. I am speaking of the majority of young Americans, regardless of their race, in their early and late twenties and sometimes into their thirties not having a job. And it is not because they are not qualify. As a millennial myself I can not help but wonder. So my question is why? Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

A: Well, first of all, Amy, I actually do have a few thoughts and even a theory as to why. First of all it is no joking matter that fewer and fewer newly graduates from colleges and high schools are finding it harder and harder to find any suitable job that does not just paid minimum wage. To be more exact they are finding it harder and harder to find a good paying job. And sometimes just a job. The question is why? Well, from a few things i have noticed over the past couple of years, since graduating high school, is that…

  • First the are actually fewer jobs and more people wanting those very limited jobs. Not only are the youth of American competing for that one job but many others who are not american citizens but qualified as well are competing for that same position. It is what is known in economics as scarcity. What millennials are facing currently is what i like to call job scarcity. With most companies going overseas it is a very tough situation to be in at the moment. 
  • The second problem is that the education of most Americans are not as par as it once used to be. What I mean by that is that a lot of young Americans are being taught things in school. But the things they are being taught and the way they are being taught is actually not that helpful in the long run. By that I mean young Americans are not taught how to apply what they learned in the classroom to reality. In other words they are not being taught common sense or sound judgement which is something a generation or two did not need to be taught to them in the classroom because they were taught it by their parents and life and only when to school to help them gain more information that they lacked. 
  • The third thing I have noticed is that a lot of young Americans are actually risk avoidance. In other words they are afraid of taking risks and dreaming big as their parents and grandparents once did. Which is actually funny because we lives in such a fast paced environment which calls for more risks to be taken. In a way when it comes to the economy most young Americans are actually very conservative in comparison to other areas in their life.  Which means less companies and jobs are being created.

Now are the or can the be a solution to these problems I and you have noticed? Well yes…

  • First of all to be able to solute the problem of job scarcity young Americans are going to have to learned to take more risks. Because if they do not take more risks when it comes to the economy how are jobs going to be created? Because to solve a problem such as this scarcity  more jobs needs to not only be created but stay upon the untied states soil as well.  A very high risk.
  • Which brings us to our second point the issue of education. With vast knowledge at their  finger tips millennials are more informed then any other generation yet they can not seems to construe that information into something useful. So for this problem to be solve young Americans are going to have to learn to use their own judgement and come to their own conclusions instanced of being hand feed the answers. In other words they are going to have to start thinking on their own and asking questions instanced of waiting to be assigned something like in the classroom. 

These are my thoughts on the matter anyways. Someday in the future I made go into more details. Do anyone has any thoughts on the matter? Anyone agrees or disagrees? If so leave a comment in the section below. Thank you.

6 Things To Consider When Preparing For a Job Interview

Q: I have a job interview coming up soon and I was wondering do you have any tips on how to prepare? Because I am very nervous.

A: Well, I do and my first tip would be to calm down. If you are nervous it will show and will cause you to mess up. After all you want to portray an image of confidence to your future employer. By portraying this image you are telling them and letting them know to trust you.So my first advice would be to try not to show you are nervous or even tell them. This is one of the mistakes new job seekers do. Remember they want you more then you want them. I know you are thinking but…. No but nothing! They need you or rather someone like you. So sell yourself high not low. That is my first advice.

Second one would be no matter what they say the dress code is overdress for the part. That means business professional. It is better to be over dress then under dress. So dress to impress you never know who is watching. That means a clean top and bottom that is well pressed as well. Nothing says unprofessional more so then a wrinkle outfit. Also make sure the are no holes or tears in your outfit.

Third, go back over your resume and make sure that everything is truthful and correct. You could lose your job if your employer finds out you lied on your resume. Make sure also that it is one page. No one nowadays want to read a resume that is more then one page. That is why your cover letter exists for. Which remind me do the same for your cover letter if you have one.

   Fourth, do a bit of research on the position you are applying for and the company you are applying to. You want to do this because in every interview I have been to -and others have been to and told me about- the interviewer always asks the question “Do you have any questions?” Well by doing some research before hand you will have something to talk about. This will be your chance to impress by bringing up things you run across well researching. It will give your future employer the impression that you are a go getter and an independent thinker. Something that most companies complients about when it comes to new employees. 

Fifth, write out a “thank you” card before hand to send to the interviewer after the interview. No matter what you always want to send a thank you note whether you get the job or not. Many have almost lost a position they applied for but because they send that thank you note and the others didn’t they stood out to the interviewer.So always write and send one.

Sixth, last but not least go to bed early the night before and eat a good breakfast the morning of the interview. You do not want any distracts this day. You want to bring your A game and falling asleep or letting your mind wander because of your hunger is a sure fire way to mess up your own chance. Anyways that’s my advice. So deep breathes you can do this breath.