Chapter 1: The Restlessness


Her brother had been acting strange lately. More upset and less smiling and laughing. He looked liked as if he was worried about something. It was concerning because he was not acting like his regular self. He who once used to go to school on time and hated to be late now dragged his feet in the morning. He dragged his feet so much that he was almost always late for school and because of that he and their parents were getting into a bit too much arguments. Arguments that she, Sasha Green, believed was not necessary and could have been avoided.

“I should talk to him.” Sasha muttered as she pulled out the family tea-pot, added in some water and set it on the stove. She then when in search of her parents favorite tea. It was green tea imported from Japan via Amazon.

Locating it, she pulled it from the pantry and head back to the tea-pot. As soon as she reached it, the door to her family home opened and in walked her parents and little brother arguing again. It seems they were talking about his grades. And he was acting as if it didn’t matter, that the low grades he received on his report card were nothing.

“We expected better from you.” She could hear her mother, Dania Green, saying. The was a tremble in her voice liked as if she wanted to cry. Sasha guessed her mother did wanted to cry. This was a situation the family had never faced before. It was worrying to her parents. Her little brother Alex Green was the only son for her parents. And for him to just let his life go like that was hard for them.

“Yeah. Well. Whatever.” Sasha heard her brother replied and though the was a roughness to his voice, beneath it she heard something else. It sounded like someone who felt trap and misunderstood. She knew the feeling. Once upon a time she had felt that way before too.

Having heard enough, Sasha placed the tea in the tea pottle and spoke up in greeting. The was a gentle smile on her round, dark, face.

“Hey mom and dad.” She said, waving a little. “Hey Alex.”

The three at the door turned toward the sound of her voice and blinked. Then softly her mother smiled and her father shoulders that were tense with stress released themselves. Her brother however looked not toward her but at his feet instanced. He was frowning, his fingers closed into fists.

“Am making tea mom and dad. Would you like some?” She asked and her parents grateful for the distraction nodded their heads. They give their son one last look before heading on toward the door that led into the kitchen area“I also made some cookies. They are the healthy kind don’t worry. Sugar free and all that.”

Her dad laughed at the joke and Sasha pointed the her parents toward the table that she had prepared for them. The two looked at each other smiled once more than took their place at the table. Alex seeing that their parents were no longer paying attention to him, headed on upstairs to his room. Sasha watched him go then turned to her parents and said.

“The tea is stay boiling, could you guys wait here for a moment I got something to do.”

Her parents happy to have received something from one of their children, nodded their heads agreement and Sasha headed on upstairs after her brother. Today she was going to receive the answer as to why her brother was acting so different lately. Why her parents had sent her such concerning emails and texts about his behavior while she was away at college.

Pausing before Alex door, Sasha took a deep breath, raised her right hand and knocked three times. Just like she used to when the two of them were little, before she when off to college and he began high school.

“What do you want Sasha.” Alex answered and the young woman answered.

“To talk, little brother. To talk. You know I will keep knocking still I get my way.” It was true. They both knew she would keep on bugging him until he talked. She was big sister Sasha after all.

The was a short pause than Alex breathed out an answer. “Find. Come on in.”

Pushing the door open, the nineteen year old-young woman entered and frowned. Instanced of studying for his tests or doing any homework whatsoever, Alex was playing video games instanced.

“Shouldn’t you be studying or doing some sort of homework?” Sasha questioned him as she took up the other console for the game Alex was playing. The game of course was Mario and the station that Alex was playing on was a ps2.

“Shouldn’t you be minding your own business?” Alex supplied and Sasha simple shrugged her shoulders.

“You know me am miss nosey.” And with that the two simply fell into playing together like old times. Upon their third level of  playing the game, Alex spoke.

“The is no point to school.” He said. “By the time I am done with high school and go to college the won’t be any jobs left for me. “

Sasha not turning to face Alex, questioned. “How do you know?”

“Because I read about it. Automation is the future. And if automation is the future then why am I going to school to get a good grade and then get into college for? The will be nothing waiting for me at the end once I am done. Or if there is it would be very competitive. Mom and dad don’t get it. They think that getting good grades and going to college will land me a job in the future like it did them when they were younger. But I don’t think so.”

The was another pause, before Sasha placed down her remote, nodded her head.

“I see. Let me think about it.” She told Alex then got up and headed back out to their parents, deep in thoughts. She now knew why her brother was acting the way he was. Now she just needed to find a solution to his problem. How do you solve the problem of the being no jobs in the future for the future generation? It was a tough question. Good thing it was winter break and that meant she had a bit of time to come up with a solution. Hopefully.