Blind Spot Tv Theories

So after seeing the first episode of this show I have come up with at least two theories as to who or what the mystery woman is.
Theory 1: She is an time traveling agent sent into the past to change the future. What evidences or reasoning do I have for this theory? Well it is implied that she is an Navy Seal however the are no female Navy Seal….yet. Which means that she is from the future. Another clue is her Tattoos. They give clues to things and cases that have not been solved yet. Which means for her Tattoos to be able to predict things to come they must have already happened in the first place. The third clue is the flashback. In it she seems to be talking to an older agent Kurt Weller. So yeah it is very possible that she is a time traveling agent from the future and most likely agent Kurt daughter or granddaughter.
Theory 2: She is a false agent who is planted into the FBI. See the tattoos are all false and agents from whatever group she is working with are going to try to make them seems true.In other words they are going to work behind the scenes to make it look like her tattoos are predicting the future when in truth what ever group she belongs to are actually manipulating everything. This theory would explained Chao statement and his deal with the mystery man.
Anyways these are the two theories/directions that this show could go in from what I saw in the first episode. Thanks for reading.