Monsters we are and are not

Monsters we are at times

Monsters we are not

Fairies we are at times

Fairies we are not at times

Rage monsters we are at times

Kindness fairies we are as well

Hate monsters we are at times

Love fairies are we at times

Greed monsters we are at times

Generosity fairies we are sometimes

Darkness we are fill with at times

Lights we are fill with at times

In other words we can and are capable of being either a fairy or a monster

It is our choice

It is our responsibility

This is what makes us human

Monsters or fairy



Review Chamomile

Chamomile an aromatic European plant of the daisy family, with white and yellow daisy-like flowers. It can help benefits anybody’s daily life with sleep, allergies such as hay fever, skin disorders, ulcers and many more. I used to drink Chamomile tea to help with PMS symptoms and it help a lot, now as for sleep, I usually stayed awake so to me that wasn’t really successful in my opinion. Sometimes trying different flavors of tea products help, and sometimes it won’t work but it’s based on you as a person. Some people have experienced negative effects such as vomiting, upset stomachs, heartburn, and other effects from having chamomile mixed with other supplemental products.

Most people recommend drinking tea because when you’re drinking liquids they are consumed much faster rather than only digesting them orally. Example drinking water can hydrate the body faster than only eating foods because water helps your entire system build its immunity to disease. Yes, eating healthy foods is a plus, having a well-balanced food and liquid intake is always best.

I recommend drinking Chamomile Tea’s from branded images below

Bigelow® Cozy Chamomile Herb Tea - 20ct - image 1 of 2

Image result for chamomile tea

Sometimes having caffeine free drinks are also a benefit with the product itself so that you don’t feel as if you have those sluggish or lethargic moments. Usually caffeine free products when it come to drinking them at night helps make you fall asleep faster compared to those that do have caffeine in them. Most people recommend having 4 cups throughout the day and after meals, but that amount could vary based on the person.

Plans for the week (May 21-28 2018)

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May we celebrate the fruits of the harvest while looking back at ourroots.

Dear self,

This is for you so that you can remember what it is that you plan to do for this blog for this week. It is meant to help you not forget. So let us began shall we myself? First of all on let’s make a list of the things we have already did on this blog last week.

On Monday you did nothing for this blog. On Tuesday you did nothing for this blog. On Wednesday you posted two things. You posted Keep Going and Because when you were little both of which had to do with the advice section of this blog. On Thursday you posted nothing. On Friday you posted Ocean Blue a poem and a artwork. On Saturday you posted the first chapter of your story Crawl. On Sunday you posted your first daily quote.

Monday= nothing

Tuesday = nothing

Wednesday = Advice

Thursdays = nothing

Friday = Artwork and poem

Saturday = Chapter 1 of Crawl

Sunday = Daily Quote

For this week myself this is what you are to post on this blog. Remember okay? This is the plan for this week.

Monday = Daily quote + Plans for this week/Letter to myself + News

Tuesday = Daily quote + Fashion drawing design

Wednesday = Daily quote + News + Review

Thursday = Daily quote + Songs

Friday = Daily quote + Reciepies

Saturday = Daily quote + Chapter 2 of Crawl

Sunday = Daily quote

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