Little Bird’s Imprisonment

caged bird

Hey Little Bird, did you find the loophole? Did you find the one thing that made slip and fall? No? Well Little Bird it’s time to stay in your cage. You’ve caged me for years not wanting to show the world who had you strong in your lonesome years. Now you’ll see the effect of why you should have made your amends. Your work isn’t done you say? Welp, that’s too damn bad little bird time to lock you up the same amount of time you locked me up little bird. She gave up living her best because she was broken-hearted, she tried to be a better person.

When I found out she didn’t have anyone I saw an opportunity to tear her up even more because she was already not giving up. And her hopefulness was her weakness things could ever comeback. So, she fought be when she to save herself and she won the first battle now she was not only weak, but she was able to have hole show in her heart. I fought her to keep her down. She fought hard she fought with courage and wisdom. She fought her hardest fight ever. But she didn’t win her battles to me.

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My name is Lost. She tried to warn you all that she just needed to focus on things to make her better. But you kept telling her she needed to cry she needed sadness when really, she didn’t need all of that. You helped her become weaker so I, Lost could control her. Congratulations and thanks for your help, Little Bird is now trapped in a box listening to the screams of what she didn’t do what she should have done what she came too late to be. Those moments you didn’t forgive her, those moments she tried her damned hardest to talk and didn’t know how she was trying to break out and tell you all she was sorry and desperate for the change she should have done.

She tried to live up your levels in her life to be better. But you gave up on her too easily thinking she’s never going to be better. And just when she was you denied her the time to show it to you. She was ready, and she was willing to put up a damn good fight for it, but you still denied her. So, thank you for helping me trap her in the same box that I was trapped in for years. Although you’ll never be able to tell who you’re talking over the phone or on text because you’ll never figure it out. It’s sad how you all thought she wasn’t in a good place when she reassured that she knew what she had to do, even if it was something, she had to do on her one. But as gullible as you just endured her to get pissed off and it retracted off you to make you give up on her. She’s a total lost cause now. I’m only a personality in her body, so you’ll only know me as her.

The only differences are mannerisms, so if you get a nod when you see her and she walks away without saying as much as a hello, just know that she sees you, but it’s not her. Again, the name is Lost. She wasn’t hard to understand or communicate with she was trying to make things work with everyone, even herself. Right now, she’s screaming in a box, she’s fighting to get out. Sadly, her efforts are only screwing her chances, because she also feels like she’s not been forgiven so along with her screams she hears that she will never be forgiven.

You wanted her to be happy she was happy in the beginning, excited every moment she was given, nervous every minute of her excitement. When she was sad, she hid to fight me, to make her battles worth her wins. Then she finally happy again, finally free from Me. She was able to stand on her feet she was able to see the best of her world, the best of her life, the best thing in the word that she cared most about. She attempted to salvage the damages, she was determined to make it all better, get it to where her happiness was full blown seen. But what she was given in return was denial. She knew it was coming and she told herself every day, “it’s going to be a good day, it’s going to get better I promise.” And then the hole became a gap. That gap became her ocean of unforgiving hell. Which now I put her in. So good luck with trying to get through to her, she can see you. You’re just not going to be talking to her. I will destroy every happy moment and chance she gets as a smile, at a shine, at a chance of feelings to be appreciated. Since she tried her best to get through her darkness to become her best.

She kept all her screams in a book so that she wouldn’t have to release me. That book was her therapy, that book was something that all her anger had years of place had put so that, when you looked at her you see a happy person. Little Bird was the happiest and most compassionate person, you would have known. She put all her pain into a book because that was her only outlet, writing is the only way she was able to get over her pain, only way to get out of her mind. Writing was a gift that was given to her to make her release every form of pain from broken thoughts to painful memories that people couldn’t handle talking about. She took her anger against anyone and put it in the book, she put all her jealousy, her insecurities in that book.

Little Bird, she doesn’t cry in front of people, because she must be strong for herself and all of those who are sad around her, she must be strong enough to hold herself together. She only cries when she’s alone because she knows no one will hear her, no one will break into her heart and pick every piece apart and pick her brain part. She refuses to have her brain picked apart because it’s not something that she let’s people do. She picks her own brain apart and throws and changes parts of her so that she can cope and give what is asked of her both mentally and emotionally. She was asked to be human and all that parts that made her unpretty showed, then she was told to shut it up and get over it. You wanted a happy version of her, she was getting through until, I found all the loopholes to catch her weakest moments. She used to have something to get her through the weeks, months, years, and now she only looks to get through the day. Now she just has insanity to listen to daily.

Monsters we are and are not

Monsters we are at times

Monsters we are not

Fairies we are at times

Fairies we are not at times

Rage monsters we are at times

Kindness fairies we are as well

Hate monsters we are at times

Love fairies are we at times

Greed monsters we are at times

Generosity fairies we are sometimes

Darkness we are fill with at times

Lights we are fill with at times

In other words we can and are capable of being either a fairy or a monster

It is our choice

It is our responsibility

This is what makes us human

Monsters or fairy



Review Chamomile

Chamomile an aromatic European plant of the daisy family, with white and yellow daisy-like flowers. It can help benefits anybody’s daily life with sleep, allergies such as hay fever, skin disorders, ulcers and many more. I used to drink Chamomile tea to help with PMS symptoms and it help a lot, now as for sleep, I usually stayed awake so to me that wasn’t really successful in my opinion. Sometimes trying different flavors of tea products help, and sometimes it won’t work but it’s based on you as a person. Some people have experienced negative effects such as vomiting, upset stomachs, heartburn, and other effects from having chamomile mixed with other supplemental products.

Most people recommend drinking tea because when you’re drinking liquids they are consumed much faster rather than only digesting them orally. Example drinking water can hydrate the body faster than only eating foods because water helps your entire system build its immunity to disease. Yes, eating healthy foods is a plus, having a well-balanced food and liquid intake is always best.

I recommend drinking Chamomile Tea’s from branded images below

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Sometimes having caffeine free drinks are also a benefit with the product itself so that you don’t feel as if you have those sluggish or lethargic moments. Usually caffeine free products when it come to drinking them at night helps make you fall asleep faster compared to those that do have caffeine in them. Most people recommend having 4 cups throughout the day and after meals, but that amount could vary based on the person.