Fall Tv Look Forward Part 1

So theses are the shows that I am looking forward to this fall….

  • Angle From Hell that stars Jane Lynch. Why? Because it seems like it would be very funny and almost anything with Jane is usually funny. Usually. And kind of sad too.
  • The Bastard Executioner- Why? Because I like historical drama and sometimes I lean a thing or two that sometimes comes up again during class. Which is shockingly funny because people always say TV will rot you brains. For me however it ends up teaching me things or at least tiring it back to something I have learned in school or will learn. I guess it pays to watch television.
  • Ash Vs. Evil Dead- Why? It looks bloody and I love gore sometimes. It also supposed to be funny. I love funny horrors especially when it comes to zombies. I mean the walking dead is great and all but sometimes funny horror is just better. 
Anyways these are just some of the shows I am looking for to for this fall.